26 settembre 2009

Forza forza: la seconda tavola!

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costanza ha detto...

questo ippolito mi sta proprio simpatico!

Mundo Mundaca ha detto...

I love that dragon and their friends... all like this flying is a charming scene.. and I also liked a lot that slat of colors ash.. leaning that were elegant without removing her cheers of the image.
did you color in the computer or the hand?

Elena ha detto...

ma ke bello il draghetto... complimenti cugi... =) come stai??? ti sto per scrivere un e-mail... appena puoi vai a leggerla... baciotti... Lena

valy ha detto...

une superbe seconde planche! Les lapins sont trop trognons...Merci Manola

sonoio ha detto...

el dragón está tomando un mate?

es un dragón pampa, guaraní, ríoplatense?

que cosas se aprenden

besos manola

Dam Ferreira ha detto...

Simply wonderful as always!!


Pepi ha detto...

Uauuuuuuuuu!!!!! que trabajos mas lindos has hecho, el dragoncito me encantaaaaaa......es precioso y esas ilustraciones con el fondo negro son una deliciaaaaa. Un besote.

Co. ha detto...

Oh la la c'est superbe Manola ! Continue comme ça !!!!!

Amy C ha detto...

I love your sweet dragon and I am happy to see him again. This is such a magical piece, bunnies with wings - it just doesn't get any better!
A xxx

MONICA ha detto...

¡¡Fantástico!!! y con colores aún más, me has alegrado mucho el domingo. Bacci

Manola ha detto...

Costanza: Grazie mille! ♥

Yasmin: Thank you so much! I love to illustrate the story that Valerie wrote... So... Hyppolite lives in a world all gray, so I had to find the way to make different shades otherwise would have been quite flat!!! ^___^ I left out the signs of the pencil but I have colored in photoshop.. in this way I can go faster and the result is nice ... ^_____________^ ahahaha
Thanks again. Kisses

Elena: Grazie!

Vaérie: Merci a toi!!! eheh j'ai vu la nouvelle version du texte! Trop mignonne! ^__^

Sonoio: ahaha I don't really know at which species belongs...but it is certainly a small lucky dragon:
he travels on clouds and his buddies can fly with him! ^___^

Dam: Thank you so much!!! ^___^ Hugs

Pepi: Muchisimas gracias Pepi! I'm very happy you like!! Hugs!

Coralie: Merci beaucoup Coralie... Je suis tres contente. ^___^ Bisous

Amy: Thank you so much!!! Hyppolite's story is magical! I'm very glad you like! And very thanks for your support! ♥ Kisses

Monica: Thank you so much!! ^____^ You make me happy! thanks again! Kisses

Lise ha detto...

J'ADORE c'est génial !!!!!!!!!!!

ValGalArt ha detto...

i love your art and blog!!! so wonderful :) i hope it is ok if I link you?

Manola ha detto...

Lise: Merci beaucoup!! ♥ C'est gentil.

ValGalArt: Thank you so much! You are very kind! Kisses

Clim ha detto...

Ooooooh ! Des lapins volants !!! Ca me plaît de plus en plus !!!

Sab ha detto...

Tes illustrations sont superbes ! fraîches et colorées, j'aime beaucoup. Il faut que regarde tout ton blog que je decouvre ! ^_^